Automated Database Testing

Having a correctly structured and correctly populated database is critical for the success of any data-driven application. When the database suffers from any structural or data deficiency, it is bound to show up as a (major) bug in the application eventually.

Database testing is concerned with important issues like:

  • Is the data organized logically?
  • Is the data complete?
  • Is the data factually correct?
  • Does the database perform reasonably?
  • Does each database object work correctly?
  • Does the database allow only logically correct and complete data to be stored in it?
  • Is the data secured?
  • Is no unnecessary data present?

Therefore, the database is a primary candidate for testing. In fact, there are items e.g. data migration and data upgrades that can only be tested at the database level. The good thing is that database testing lends itself well to automation.

In this session, we will first explore database testing and possible challenges and then discuss the database test automation approach in order to do justice to this critical testing activity. The session will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of database testing and possible challenges
  • Importance of database test automation framework
  • How to design the database test automation framework (TAF)?
  • How to use the db TAF during automation to cover database testing objectives and TAF objectives?
  • How to determine the success of the database test automation?

Automated database testing provides a high return and reusability on the effort invested. Once the principles of database test automation are clear, it is possible to build your database test automation suite in a methodical manner. Audience can take away a step by step approach for automated database testing. The session will provide a structured approach to tackle the challenges of database testing and practical examples that the audience can use in their own projects.

Speaker Software Testing & Quality ConferenceSpeaker: Inder Singh
Inder Singh will be presenting on “Automated Database Testing” at the 2nd Annual Conference On Software Quality to be held in Pune, India on 25,26 March 2011.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference
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