Image Based Testing- Application Technology Independent Automation

Image-based testing (IBT) is a new form of automated software testing that relies solely on evaluating and\or duplicating the user-experience through the on-screen display and user-input devices.

Image-based testing requires the test automation engine be able to acquire artifacts from the on-screen display or otherwise process snapshots of the on-screen display to perform the tasks assigned required for an automated test. It utilizes image recognition to perform mouse clicks and keyboard strokes just as a user would.

IBT is technology agnostic because it is only looking at what is on the screen. As a result, the application under test can be written in almost any language, such as Java, .Net, or Flash. Image-Based testing allows us to test virtually anything that can be displayed on the screen. It doesn’t matter what the underlying technology is, if it is visible on the screen then we can interact with it.

Tool manufacturers can hardly keep pace with the needs of cutting edge application testers. If you are tasked with testing newer or novel technologies then it is usually difficult to find a tool that can work in that environment early in the development and testing lifecycle. When the tools you have can’t support the technologies you need to test you need to turn to something else. This is a good time to consider Image-Based testing (IBT).

This session will look at:

  • What exactly IS Image-Based Testing?
  • Thinking and Testing Differently with IBT.
  • Developing IBT Tests and App Maps.
  • SAFS Image-Based Recognition Syntax.
  • Dealing with Variations in the IBT Environment.
  • Dealing with NLS Testing in an IBT Environment.


Speaker Software Testing & Quality ConferenceGirish Kolapkar is Senior Software Engineer-Test Automation at SAS Research and Development (India).

Girish has 5+ years of experience in test automation using SAFS framework implementations for IBM rational Robot, Rational Functional Tester, Image based testing.

Girish Kolapkar will be presenting on “Image Based Testing- Application Technology Independent Automation” at the 2nd Annual Conference On Software Quality to be held in Pune, India on 25,26 March 2011.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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